The 27th Annual TRI for FUN #1 & Summer Duathlon
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The 27th Annual TRI for FUN #1 & Summer Duathlon

For the TRI for FUN Sprint Triathlon the age groups will be:

  • 13-15 youth division
  • 16-19 junior division
  • 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc. and ending with 70+ for male and female individuals.
  • There will be Clydesdale (men over 200 lbs) and Athena (women over 150 lbs) Divisions.

For the Summer Duathlon there will be 10-year age groups beginning with 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc. and ending with 70+ for male and female individuals. 

Youth/Junior Southwest Development Race Series

This race will be part of the Youth/Junior Southwest Development Race Series.

USA Triathlon recognizes that not every junior athlete is ready for or interested in the draft-legal format. Draft-legal racing requires a unique skill-set that takes time to master. Junior Development Races provide athletes a gateway into the developmental pipeline. Athletes will experience triathlon in its traditional, non-drafting format, officiated using USA Triathlon Rules. Junior Development Races are typically sprint-distance and have been selected because of their “junior-friendly” atmosphere and age-appropriateness.

The Southwest Region of USAT is sponsoring a series of developmental sprint races to encourage youth (13-15) and junior (16-19) athletes to participate in triathlons. Ages are determined by USAT rules (age as of Dec 31, 2010). The Southwest region will have a point series with updated divisional  rankings throughout the year. 

Each event winner will receive an award provided by the region, as well as ranking points. The last event of the season will crown the series champion in the youth (13-15) and the junior (16-19) age categories. A championship award will be given to the first place female youth and junior and the first place male youth and junior athlete.


First place Overall Male and Female in the TRI for FUN Sprint Triathlon will receive Overall Champion Awards. There will be awards five deep in each five-year age group for the TRI for FUN Sprint Triathlon. Relay Teams awards will be for the top three in each division of Male, Female, and Coed Teams. 

First place Overall Male and Female in the Summer Duathlon will receive Overall Champion Awards. There will be awards 3 deep in each 10-year age group for the Summer Duathlon. Relay Teams awards will be for first place in each division of Male, Female, and Coed Teams. 

Awards not picked up at the event will no longer be mailed to athletes, but will be available at the next TBF Racing events held at Rancho Seco Park. Athletes can pick up their awards in the Total Body Fitness Booth at any Rancho Seco Summer Event. Awards not picked up by September 13th, 2009 will be recycled.

Course Description and Map

Swim or Run 
The race will begin with the .5-mile swim from the swim area. The swim course will be a triangular course in Rancho Seco Lake marked by the large RedBull buoys. Water temperature should be approximately 70 degrees. Wetsuits are allowed. The swim exit will be up the beach and on a grassy path to the transition area located in the parking area.

The first run for the Summer Duathlon will start near the Finish Line area and will run the same course as the second run. After finishing the first run you will cross under the finish line and re-enter the transition area to your bike.

The 27th Annual TRI for FUN #1 & Summer Duathlon

The bike course is 16-miles. You will exit the transition area and then mount your bike. From there you will exit the park and make a right hand turn on Hwy 104, making a U-turn at the turn around point and returning to the park. Please be careful while on the road. Riders must stay to the right at all times! Riders must not draft other riders: You must maintain at least THREE bike length at all times behind the rider in front of you, and you MUST ride single file while on the Highway. Passing is allowed in a timely manner when it is safe to do so. After passing return to the right side of the road and continue to ride safely. Failure to do so will result in a drafting penalty or disqualification. Crossing the centerline at ANY time will also result in disqualification. Proceed to the turn around on Hwy 104 and return to the park. Traffic has the right-of-way on the road so ride CAREFULLY.

The 3-mile run course leaves transition and runs – aid stations that will be stocked with water, Clif Electrolyte Beverage, and Clif Shot Energy gels. The finish is back at the start area at the Beach.

Transition Area

The Transition area will be on a first-come basis, with the exception of Reserved Bike Racks for TRI Clubs. The transition area at all TBF Racing events is for athletes only. All non-athletes must remain outside of the transition area at all times on race day. Athletes may choose their transition spot from any of the non-reserved racks – reserved racks will be marked for Tri Clubs. Glass or bottles are not allowed in the transition area. 

Bodymarking and Race Numbers

Bodymarking will be take place at the entrance to the transition area and must be completed before you enter the transition area. Athletes will have their race number marked on their legs and arms and have their age division on their calf.

Bike numbers must be attached and be visible on your bike at all times during the ride. Run numbers must be worn on your front when crossing the finish line. 

Rules and Regulations

Swim Course – The wave start times and the age groups in each wave will be posted at Registration and the start area on Saturday morning.

Bike Course – ALL athletes MUST wear a helmet the entire time while riding their bikes. Failure to have your helmet on or buckled at any time on the bike will result in DISQUALIFICATION. This includes while riding your bike in or out of the transition area during warm-up and cool down.

Run Course – Run numbers must be worn on the run and when crossing the finish line.

General rules – Numbers must be placed on your bike and worn on the run. Drafting is not allowed on the bike course. Riding your bike WILL be allowed in the transition area. No glass will be allowed in the transition area. 

Use of headphones or other listening devices during ALL portions of the race ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Finish Line

After crossing the finish line please take a cold water or Clif Shot Recovery Drink and cool water and continue walking to allow your body to cool down. You should remain active for 10 to 15 minutes while you are drinking and re-fueling your body. If you need medical attention or are feeling unwell please proceed to the TBF Medical Tent or notify a TBF Volunteer that you need medical attention.