TBF XTERRA Real Mountain Bike Triathlon
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TBF XTERRA Real Mountain Bike Triathlon

There will be 5-year age groups beginning with 14 and under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc. and ending with 70+ for male and female individuals.

There will be Clydesdale (men over 200 lbs) and Athena (women over 150 lbs) Divisions. 

There will be a Challenged Athlete Division. 


First place Overall Male and Female in the Real Mt Bike Triathlon will receive Overall Champion Awards. There will be awards five deep in each five-year age group for the Real Mt Bike Triathlon. There will be awards five deep in the Clydesdale, Athena, and Challenged Athlete divisions. Relay Teams awards will be for the top three in each division of Male, Female, and Coed Teams. 

Course Description and Map

There will be One Mass Start for all competitors. The swim will be marked with large orange buoys placed in a counter-clockwise triangle. The .5-mile swim course is in Folsom Lake. Water temperature should be approximately 50 degrees. Wetsuits are recommended. Upon exiting the beach you will run through a timing chute where your numbers will be recorded for your swim split times. If your number is not recorded, you will not receive a swim split in the final timing. You will continue up the beach to the transition area where your bike is racked. The course will be patrolled by the TBF Water Safety Team and assistance is available to any swimmers experiencing distress.

The 16-mile mountain bike course is a 2-lap course located entirely within the park on mostly single-track trails around Folsom Lake. The course has a few climbs and descents, nothing technical or with any rocks or major obstacles. All levels of riders will be able to enjoy the course.

The 4 mile run course leaves transition and runs on single- track trails along the lakeshore and back towards the transition area and finish line. There is a hill at the halfway point. The out and back course has 3 aid stations that will be stocked with water, Gatorade, and GU. The finish is back at the start area at the Main Beach. 

Transition Area

The Transition area will be on a first-come basis, with the exception of Reserved Bike Racks for TRI Clubs. The transition area at all TBF Racing events is for athletes only. All non-athletes must remain outside of the transition area at all times on race day. Athletes may choose their transition spot from any of the non-reserved racks – reserved racks will be marked for Tri Clubs. Glass or bottles are not allowed in the transition area. 

Bodymarking and Race Numbers

Bodymarking will be take place at the entrance to the transition area and must be completed before you enter the transition area. Athletes will have their race number marked on their legs and arms and have their age division on their calf.

Bike numbers must be attached and be visible on your bike at all times during the ride. Run numbers must be worn on your front when crossing the finish line. 

Rules and Regulations

Swim Course – There will be One Mass Start for all competitors.

Bike Course – ALL athletes MUST wear a helmet the entire time while riding their bikes. Failure to have your helmet on or buckled at any time on the bike will result in DISQUALIFICATION.

Run Course – Run numbers must be worn on the run and when crossing the finish line. Exercise caution when running off of the trails, as there may be Poison Oak.

General rules – Numbers must be placed on your bike and worn on the run. Drafting is not allowed on the bike course. Riding your bike will NOT be allowed in the transition area. No glass will be allowed in the transition area. 

Use of headphones or other listening devices during ALL portions of the race ARE NOT ALLOWED.